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First Saturday of the Month

9am Morning Coffee 

Cozy Coffee & Bistro 514 N Barker Rd, Spokane Valley, WA 99016

Past Events

Coffee at Cozy Coffee May 4, 2024 

Write Letters to the Spokesman concerning No-2117  Reference Material: The Cascadia Advocate, By Ellen Dennis, By Lu Hill, Washington Policy Center and By John Stang

Coffee at Cozy Coffee April 6, 2024 

Thanks for coming guys, Great discussion, replacing the Snake Rivers dams capacity of 1000MW will take 100 or so offshore wind turbines placed in the pacific. Keep up the good work.

Coffee at Cozy Coffee March 2, 2024 

Quite Jetlagged from trip to Denmark, high point of the trip was seeing the Electric Ferry Ellen.  With that in Mind we must vote No to Initiative 2117, Those funds will go to electrify our ferries here in Washington.

Coffee at Cozy Coffee February 3, 2024

Delbert, Tom, Kent and myself (Jorgen) thanks for coming, great conversation.

I invited Jim Simon to this group, he is hosting Spokane Green Drinks.  Next drink is on February 15th 5 to 6:30pm, go if you can.  (Coincide with Badminton  night I can't go)

Del, presented his letter to the Spokesman, sorry the picture came out a bit large on this website. Thanks for doing this work.

Coffee at Cozy Coffee January 6, 202

Delbert, Tom, Kent and myself (Jorgen) thanks for coming, great conversation and Happy New Year.

Tesla Battery Retention/Performance. 

Kent contacted Petra Hoy they are working on setting up town hall meetings with candidates running against CMR.

Current list of candidate's information:

Ann Marie Danimus (D),  Anthony Jensen(R no info), Carmela Conroy (D) and Dr Bernadine Bank (D not registered)

Questions:  As  a representative for Washington's 5th congressional district 

Coffee at Cozy Coffee December 2 2023

Delbert, Tom, Kent and myself (Jorgen) thanks for coming despite the snow.


Kent will contact Petra Hoy to work on setting up town hall meetings with candidates running against CMR.

Questions:  As  a representative for Washington's 5th congressional district 

Coffee at Cozy Coffee November 4 2023

Delbert, Tom, Kent and Carmela thanks for coming, that was a great time.

Coffee at Cozy Coffee October 7 2023

Delbert and Tom, thanks for coming.  Our topics, Tesla price drop, upcoming Cybertruck and Delbert's restoration project.

Our next meeting November 4th, lets meet at 9am  to accommodate Tom.

Tom and Bill still need to test drive EV's and report back their experiences.  Delbert will report on his restoration project , and Tom will bring "Clean New World" hats to share. 

Coffee at Cozy Coffee August 5 2023

Topic about "History of Tesla" and how a lot of people will not buy Tesla because of Elon Musk's personality is and issue, why then shop at, Home Depot Bernie Marcus, Amazon Jeff Bezos, and even use Microsoft's products Bill Gates is not perfect either.  It was pointed out the Model Y is listed for $40,240.00 after Federal tax credit. 

Coffee at Cozy Coffee July 1 2023

We have a large lot. Has been all grass. We pulled out about 50% if the grass and replaced it with drought tolerant plants, small trees, and rock. We figure it will cut our water bill roughly in half.   Tom

Coffee at Cozy Coffee May 6 2023

Coffee at Cozy Coffee April 1 2023

John A. Finch Arboretum Saturday October 22 from 11:00 to 14:00

Stop by our booth  from 9am to 1pm at the Liberty Lake Farmers Market (see below). We look forward to sharing information on climate change and clean energy. See you there!

Kent and Tom manning the A Clean New World Tent while Jorgen is out proseltyzing!

                          Tom with a solar concept house. It was an attention grabber!

Henning, Brian

Hi Jorgen,

I’m not sure you saw our news, but recently the Gonzaga Climate Center and our partners received a small NOAA grant to conduct a campaign to map urban heat islands in the City of Spokane. You can learn more about the program at


As it explains there and on the volunteer sign up page, the event will be one day this summer in July or August. It will involve volunteers driving vehicles with temperature and humidity sensors mounted on their window. They will drive routes across the city in the early morning, afternoon, and evening.

My colleague, Karli Honebein, copied here, is our Program Coordinator and is helping organize the effort. We are in the initial planning stages and things will quickly be ramping up. We had a couple of ideas to run by you.

Hope this finds you well.




BRIAN G. HENNING, Ph.D.  (he/him) 

Gonzaga University

Professor of Philosophy

Professor of Environmental Studies

Founder & Director, Center for Climate, Society, and the Environment

Founder & Executive Editor, Edinburgh Critical Edition of the Complete Works of Alfred North Whitehead

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Gonzaga University, 502 E. Boone Ave, Spokane, 99258; Robinson House 202; 509.313.5885 

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